Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Holywood style

40's, 50's ....90's Now.... its and contemporaty style that is so clean and so glamorous... makes me feel rich lol..
Very happy with the result:

Brown and natural

I used to not like brown on me... but times change and people change and well, i did and im loving it, cant say no to new colors... make it pop!


Secret Service urban decay
Mac Satin Taupe
Mac Nylon
Mac Vanilla
Mac Wedge
UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Bourbon
IM Mascara

Revlon colorstay foundation
Loose Powder
Mac Pechy keen

Mac precious petal lipgloss

Smokey Green with gray

Fancy green and smokey gray cant go wrong...

Elf charcoal studio line eyeshadow
Elf eye transformer (green)
Mac vanilla
Mac Bitter
Mac Kelly green pigment
Mac Lucky jade shadestick
Paladio Black eyeliner
IM Mascara

Revlon colorstay foundation
Translucent powder
Elf blush and bronser duo

Natural lipliner
Mac Brew lipstick

Smokey Purple

Here is a look i did  in the other day, i reeealy love purples...but im always trying new colors...

UD Primer potion
Mac Vanilla
Mac Grape Pigment
Elf studio eyeshadow in charcoal
Yaby (forgot the number but its a ligth baby pink)
Paladio Black Eyeliner
IM Mascara
UD Secret service (brows)

Revlon Colorstay foundation in sand beige
Translucent powder
Elf studio blush (pink mauve)

Just Ask me :)
Good Luck

Review: Face Primers

Here is my opinion on the face primers i have tryed along the years...
Face primers help's your makeup last longer and makes an even canvas for any type of foundation, helps minimize the existence of pores and wrincles. It goes after moisturizer and before foundation.

Ive tryed smashbox photofinish primer, Rimmel London face primer and Mac Matte.
Silicone base primers are very silky when applyed and are very smood. such as Smashbox and Mac.
Rimmel has more like a creamy consistency and its absorbed by the skin leaving a smood finish, it has a sligth peachy tint to it but its not noticeble once applyed.

My face is very oily, and almost all primers after a wile tends to shine, but the good thing is that you only have to blot with a tishue and that no big of a deal to me no need for touch ups all day Its all good.
What i do like is that makes my face look very even and nice... I usualy use them on special ocations or when i have time to do my makeup... because its always one step more and takes more time...

@ Overall:
* Smashbox: Realy good clear base makes my face look realy nice, i do have to blot excess shine but it is great. 4/5 stars.

* Rimmel Londo Primer: Its good for daily use, it does help minimice the aperence of pores but its more ligth than smashbox. 3/5 stars.

* Mac Matte: It has the same consistency as smashbox but it dosent do the same thing, i dont realy notice anything good from this primer, i would say blah for this "matte" it dosent matte the skin at all. I realy dont see the diference, i guess i have to give it another chance..i'll give an update once i get the hang of it. for now 1/5 stars..

Good Luck!

Let's talk Mascara

There has been a lot of testing during my journey with makeup, one of the most dificult thing to find is mascara, so after trying a lot of mascara's from maybeline, rimmel london, max factor, in general all drugstore and hi-end like Mac and smashbox, and havent been impressed... I've heard about this particular mascara, the one you find on every drugstore in mexico.. That has been my Holy Grail since before i got in to makeup..

Its a mexican brand called "IM", its less than 2 dlls (16 pesos) and its awsom!...its also good for your lashes because its made from the bone of a fruit called mammee...
It dosent come with instructions..but after many years of use i have my own tricks...
Most important one is: Warm it up... with you hand... its so easy, the product inside warms very fast and once its like that its magic...

*Gives Leigth and Volume
*Totaly waterproof (you can swim with it)
*It dosent flake or smudge
*Dryes fast once aplicated
*Holds Curl
*Has vitamins "its a near natural product" made with fruit seads...and mammee bone (its also a fruit) 
*Its blacker than black...

-You have to warm it up, it takes a minute...
-You can only remove it with a realy good makeup remover.

And let me tell you ... My lasher are stick straigth.... I have to curl them before mascara... And it holds my lashes all day long.... :D
Here are my shamefull bare lashes...

Hope this helps... If you are near the boarder you just have to cross and get it... Good Luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Review of 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss

Originally submitted at EyesLipsFace.com

This 2 in 1 gloss has shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction. Hydrate your lips with key moisturizers and achieve sheer color perfection. Infused with Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Shea Butter for rich hydration.

Hidrating and Long Lasting

By Soraya from Tijuana Mexico on 12/11/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Easy To Apply, Long Lasting, Good Value

Cons: Tricky Tube

Best Uses: Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Trendy Style

Skin Tone: Fair

Age: 16-24

I bougt this in "Love It" and i have to say im impressed, i use it alone or layerd with lipstick and it does last about 5 hrs... Mac Lipgloss last on me about 2 hrs... and the tint of this color is very similar to Nimphete, wich it also reminds me of org*sm from nars, but in a sheer version... By the way i have very dry lips and all the glosses i have tryed from Mac and Urban Decay clumps on my lips after a wile...This elf ones are incredible... :D


Monday, October 26, 2009

Review: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation (Liquid)

Hi !! I want to share my experience with this foundation, it took me a wile to get the hang of it, i tried to apply it with 3 types of brushes, and it seems that it works better applyed with my finguer tips...or with a damp spounge. The formula is very creamy, a little goes a long way, for a full coverage you can use your finguers, for a sheer to medium coverage you can use a damp sponge, it gives a matte finish once its applyed on your face, if you have oily skin, in aprox 3 hrs your face may glow, but its not like greasy its more like a glow, its better to blot it just so it wont look funny, it almoust looks like porcelain, realy shinny porcelain after a wile, but i think it depends on your preference of finish, you can make it matte with some powder on top, and maybe reaply within the day (powder), i think its a very moisterizing formula, but you still need to apply moisterizer before this, i have used smashbox photofinish primer under this foundation and it make the aplication more smother.
This product has a good range of colors.

Product Info:
Cost: 28 Dlls, 350 Mexican Pesos.
Corrective Foundation SPF 20

A total coverage foundation that respects the skin. Recommended for minor to moderate skin imperfections such as irregular skin tone, redness, acne scars and pigmentation disorders.
• SPF 20
• Moisturizing all day long. With the soothing properties of Vichy Thermal Spa Water.
• Twice the coverage of a traditional foundation with a natural lightweight finish
• Smooth, blendable texture
• 12 hours of long-lasting, flawless wear (16 hours with Setting Powder)
• A natural even skin tone
• Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores

For more information you can check the website

Colorfull Teal

Hi !! I tried this look and i loved it. Its fun and full of color.. Hope ya like it..

Mac Vanilla
Mac Post Haze
Mac Deep thruth
Mac Teal a Teal
Mac Blacktrack fluidline
Mac Sketch
Paladio Black eyeliner

Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
Mac Emote blush
Mac Blooming blush

Mac Brew lipstick
Mac Trifle lipgloss

Kim Kardashian Inspired

I tried to recreate one of a million looks from kim k, so here is my cousin who nicely voluntier for this attepmt.. i guess i got close to the original style.. remember not mix a hipnotic movie with makeup... you will end up with a 40 min delay... rigth cousin?!
Hope you like ♥

Mac Carbon
Mac Expresso
Urban Decay Secret Service
Mac Black Track fluid line
Mac Vanilla
Paladio Eyeliner Black
218 Red Cherry lashes

Revlon color stay foundation in Medium Beige
Translucid Powder
Mac Golden Bronce
Smashbox highligths

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Pink Lips

I Looove Pink Lips... i just think its so girly and fun... gives presence where ever you are.. and it looks fabulous on all skin colors.. Yo can make it look simple and clean for day just add on some ligth pink blush and mascara, or go sophisticated and elegant... for nigth....with a black eyeliner smoked out with some gray or silver eyeshadow... its faboulous!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pamela Anderson Inspired

Hiiiii! This is an old look i know, but its soo universal and realy nice!... i think it would look good on anybody, so i used what the makeup artist used on her for this picture.... and i gave it a go!
Love the color combination..

Products Used:

Mac Naked Pigment
Mac Vanilla
Mac Coppering
Mac Sketch
Mac Black Track Fluid Line

IM Mascara
Mac Expresso (eyebrows)

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC 25
Mac MSF Natural Ligth to medium
Mac Broncer in Golden Bronce
Mac Blush in Peachykeen

Nyx Natural Lipliner
Mac Brew Lipstick
Mac LipGloss

Reflective Purple Inspired

Hi!! So i saw this picture and felt some inspiration..
I did not placed too much shadow on my lower lash line, but i did made it a bit more reflective on the inner lid... so here is my take:

I Used:

Mac Sketch
Smashbox trio in Smokey Eyes
Mac Vanilla
Truco Angel Eyes Purple Duocrome
IM Mascara

Paladio Black Eyeliner

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC25
Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Ligth to Medium
Mac Broncer in gold bronce
Paladio Pink Frost Blush

Nyx Natural Lipliner
Loreal Mauve Lipstick

Tropical Eyes

Hellow Again :)

I tried to do some thing here a bit more colorfull, i personaly loooove this colors togueather and it was fun to do.

I Used:

*Urban Decay Primer Potion
*Mac Vanilla
*Mac Bitter
*Mac Steamy
*Mac Moth-Brown
*Truco Angel green shadow
*Mac Black Track Fluid Line
*Paladio Black EyeLiner

*Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige
*Mac Prep & Prime powder
*Milani Blush in Luminace
*Mac Broncer in gold bronce

*Mac Lipstick Brew
*Nude Lipgloss

Simple and Gray

Hi! so i tried to do something neutral here.. i dont know why i love adding some color to anything i do on my eyes, just can't be simple, when i have the time to do my eyes, i go all the way... if not, just a little bit of foundation and powder to set... thats all.. so here is my take on a simple gray smokey look.

Some of the pics i have are from a long time ago and maybe i dont remember exactly what i used.. if you have any questions just ask

*Nyx Silver
*Mac Tete-a-tint

*Bebe (dark gray from an old smokey purple pallete)
*Mac Vanilla

*Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC25
*Mac Prep & Prime Finishing Powder
*Mac Emote Blush
*Paladio Pink Frost Blush

Nyx Beige Lipgloss

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi ! This is just a little place where i can express my affition to makeup, i started to experiment in 2006, i love color... I realy like extreamly exotic but i also love natural and minimal looks, so in this case ill try to share my experience. Since i've learn alot from the internet comunity of makeup, i thought it was time to join in on the fun... If theres anything i can help just ask! :D