Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's talk Mascara

There has been a lot of testing during my journey with makeup, one of the most dificult thing to find is mascara, so after trying a lot of mascara's from maybeline, rimmel london, max factor, in general all drugstore and hi-end like Mac and smashbox, and havent been impressed... I've heard about this particular mascara, the one you find on every drugstore in mexico.. That has been my Holy Grail since before i got in to makeup..

Its a mexican brand called "IM", its less than 2 dlls (16 pesos) and its awsom!...its also good for your lashes because its made from the bone of a fruit called mammee...
It dosent come with instructions..but after many years of use i have my own tricks...
Most important one is: Warm it up... with you hand... its so easy, the product inside warms very fast and once its like that its magic...

*Gives Leigth and Volume
*Totaly waterproof (you can swim with it)
*It dosent flake or smudge
*Dryes fast once aplicated
*Holds Curl
*Has vitamins "its a near natural product" made with fruit seads...and mammee bone (its also a fruit) 
*Its blacker than black...

-You have to warm it up, it takes a minute...
-You can only remove it with a realy good makeup remover.

And let me tell you ... My lasher are stick straigth.... I have to curl them before mascara... And it holds my lashes all day long.... :D
Here are my shamefull bare lashes...

Hope this helps... If you are near the boarder you just have to cross and get it... Good Luck!

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