Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Face Primers

Here is my opinion on the face primers i have tryed along the years...
Face primers help's your makeup last longer and makes an even canvas for any type of foundation, helps minimize the existence of pores and wrincles. It goes after moisturizer and before foundation.

Ive tryed smashbox photofinish primer, Rimmel London face primer and Mac Matte.
Silicone base primers are very silky when applyed and are very smood. such as Smashbox and Mac.
Rimmel has more like a creamy consistency and its absorbed by the skin leaving a smood finish, it has a sligth peachy tint to it but its not noticeble once applyed.

My face is very oily, and almost all primers after a wile tends to shine, but the good thing is that you only have to blot with a tishue and that no big of a deal to me no need for touch ups all day Its all good.
What i do like is that makes my face look very even and nice... I usualy use them on special ocations or when i have time to do my makeup... because its always one step more and takes more time...

@ Overall:
* Smashbox: Realy good clear base makes my face look realy nice, i do have to blot excess shine but it is great. 4/5 stars.

* Rimmel Londo Primer: Its good for daily use, it does help minimice the aperence of pores but its more ligth than smashbox. 3/5 stars.

* Mac Matte: It has the same consistency as smashbox but it dosent do the same thing, i dont realy notice anything good from this primer, i would say blah for this "matte" it dosent matte the skin at all. I realy dont see the diference, i guess i have to give it another chance..i'll give an update once i get the hang of it. for now 1/5 stars..

Good Luck!

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