Thursday, January 7, 2010

Deep Glamourous Brown

Hi! I guess i have to admit im loving browns... i realy liking the impresion it gives by using a plain boring color with some texture added.. Makes everything blend very well, its for any ocasion and looks great dressed up or down.... Add a dress and its sexy, ad jeans and a nice shirt and its party perfect, add some lashes and its glamorous for a elegant nigth party.. that sound good hu? well, i used it for a simple work day, cant stop raving it lol... its like the 2nd time i use this color in a one week period... i never do that! im always trying new things..... but its so basic,... and easy to do... its a bit more dramatic than usual "natural makeup" you know me and my smokey eyes.. but it dosent look overdone its just deep and misterious... Love :D ...

Simple as :
UDPrimer Potion
Chocolate Brown Pigment Mac
Secret Service Urban decay
Expresso eyeshadow Mac
Carbon eyeshadow Mac
Black eyeliner (Paladio)
Vanilla Eyeshadow Mac
IM Mascara (as always)

And ready to go anywhere!
Hope it gives you some good ideas for your next time out...

Yay for browns!

Hope you have a glamorous day!

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