Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interesting mix Of Copper and Purple

Hi, had this waiting on my archive, i did this on summer '09, for some reason i kept forgeting to post it, anyways, i woke up that day with realy puffy eyes and had to fix that problem, i tried not hide my eyes you know like doing red lips and keeping the attention off my eyes, insted i play'd with my imagination and went gaga with my all time favorite smoked Out look, so, with that said, here is my guilty eyes.. By the way, Thouse lashes made me happy all day long..

*Sketch Mac
*Coppering Mac
*Vanilla Mac
*Tee a tint Mac
*Angel Eyes "Pulple" Incident shadow from Trucco
*#1 Red Chery lashes
*Secret Service Urban Decay matte shadow (brows)

Ninphette Lipglas Mac

Revlon Colorstay foundation
Mac Prep and Prime Translucent Powder
Milanni Luminous Blush
Rich Bronce Mac (bronser)

Questions??? Just Ask :)
Have a glamourous Day.

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